Finnish Security Intelligence Service and Code of Ethics for Designers

Can you see anything weird and unusual on this screenshot I made?

SUPO Website This is SUPO. Finnish Security Intelligence Service.

Sometimes we use different images and graphic elements without thinking of its own value and meaning. These manipulations could bring to an unexpected result. Or it could be just funny and somewhat unprofessional.
So, what draws my attention here is the background. I was sure it looked familiar and for some reason not related to Finland or Helsinki. SUPO website background

After googling map of London and Moscow first — I remembered why this background was so familiar. Because it is Paris

Google map of Paris

If you overlay one map onto another — you'll see it's Paris. Just flip the image.


I think it is quite funny that Intelligence Service uses a map of another city from another country. Sure thing, it's not their fault, it's a designer's awkward blunder.

With this example my point is:

  • One small detail could ruin the core idea of the website's owner. It is not a minor "possible to neglect" flaw.
  • Design is NOT just about pictures, you want to keep in mind the meanings and ideas so that each graphic element is relevant.
  • It's a professional responsibility and duty for a designer to deliver a quality product that works on all levels.

P.S. As they say, if you criticize – offer your solution. So here is ready to use the background, in the same style, but with Helsinki map. I made two files with different zooming for free use. Helsinki map zoomed

Helsinki map

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