How to make something boring into something cool

2017th and Toyota releases a brand new Yaris iA on the US market. This is THE MOST boring car after Corolla, boring and dull.
Toyota Yaris iA

However, there's one small detail: it is fully packed. Usually, you if you want a car with more options, like, rear-view camera or collision assist (is that a thing?) — you have to pay more. Yaris iA has everything. So, no packages. That's cool.

Yet, this is a cheap car and it meant to be the first option for young people (maybe even Millenials). But how would you sell something that boring to those who strive to be one-of-a-kind and have nothing in common with other people? Is it possible to sell life insurance to teenagers?

I'm confused

Well, dah! Saatchi&Saatchi LA got an answer. If can't sell packages and you need to sell a stupid car to youngsters — let's sell them packages! Sounds crazy, I know, but get this: if you'd buy a car now — you could also get a wonderful +1 Follower Package! Isn't it awesome: you own new friend who would leave positive comments, give you as many likes as you want in ALL your social media channels for only 1.99$! Don't mind if I do.

Ever always wanted to have a convertible, but you don't want to wait for your middle-age crisis? Here's a nice Convertible Package tailored for you.

Why is this a good campaign?

- It makes Yaris iA desirable, thanks to new packages
- I want to share with my friends, hence viral (IMO)
- It delivers the idea "Fully packed car for you" incredibly clear  

I'm sure that this elegant, funny and clever campaign will reach their KPIs (amount of people interested in purchasing the car) quick. What is even more interesting is that Toyota and Saatchi gave to Yaris iA a unique added value and this is a good example of how to make something boring into something cool. As for me, I want a Collector's Edition Package.
Shut up and take my money!

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