Is Artek losing the edge?

Artek is losing the edge title image I love checking out shop windows around Helsinki. Sometimes they're good, sometimes — too "old school". From the perspective of creatives, shop windows are a good exercise in analysis and tuning ideas.
This is Artek's shop window in Helsinki with an iconic Stool 60. Can you guess what's wrong with it?

I think the idea was something like

"an iconic object for all times and occasions" or "life spins around it"

One way or another — on the visual level it's losing the idea. We see two stools at the same time: one on the screen and the second one in front. A real one. And it's kind of in the way of the screen, not working with it, but working against it, creating a visual mess. And that couldn't be Artek style.

Why using two stools if it could've been only one? The only thing we would offer to change is to get rid of the virtual stool, keeping the real one. Here is our example with a slightly changed perspective (in both senses of the meaning).

Now people are interacting with the real object, but they are on the screen! OMG! How awesome is that?!

  • It is even more minimalistic
  • It stands out
  • It's not boring and attracts attention
  • It really promotes the essence of the brand
  • It puts the real object in the middle of the show, finally.

The video content for such a project (remember, we have two worlds: physical with a stool and virtual with people) should be thought through carefully and it's not that easy task. But even with the existing content — something can be done.

Artek is an iconic design brand. Its minimalistic approach to design dictates that each and every detail should be in its place and should be functional. The shop window demonstrates just the opposite. For the brand like Artek, being the icon and having incredibly high-quality level — everything should be in line with that. Either it's a stool, a font type or a shop window. It's the matter of image.

P.S. At the moment Artek has another design for the shop window, promoting a different product.

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